We are people focused agency experts: mentors, coaches, consultants, and legal professionals. We put a lot into work, let's make the most out of it.

Projects for people

Fast forward five years from now. Your agency is smashing goals you set way back in 2020, and everyone, including you, is loving how things are going. You may know what you need to achieve commercially, or in product development, but do you know how people operations are going to support you achieving your vision? We can help you give your employees the best experience, ensuring they love doing great work with you.

People for projects

We have a sophisticated network of agency people around the globe. Whether you need an extra pair of hands to deliver a particularly gnarly part of a project, or a full blown team for a long term programme, we can bring the right people together. We can connect you with:

  • Lead Engineers
  • Designers
  • Delivery experts: Scrum, Product and Project Managers

Who do you want to work with?

People aren't resources. Your team should be made up of people you love working with, and people who love what they are doing with you.

We work with teams of all sizes; from solo business owners looking to build a team of people they can rely on, to agencies looking to create an effective and enjoyable learning environment.

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Our home is Brighton, UK, but we've got team members around the globe